InternationalJugglingDay2In case you missed it, earlier this week, June 18th, was International Juggling Day. It’s not too late to celebrate, find something flaming and just juggle!

Recently, I was reminded of a victory taking place one day when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I had seen an older friend who was juggling and was desperate to teach myself this terrific trick. I found three hacky-sacks, fumbled, stumbled and dropped far more than I managed to keep in the air, but eventually, I nailed it . . . three sacks rotating through my hands and into the air in a triumphant cycle of perfection.

Little did I realize this skill would later make me a better mom. Knowing  I could only handle one or two things simultaneously, while maintaining the balancing act of keeping other tasks in motion would prove to be a life skill best learned early. It was definitely a precursor to all of the hats that a young mother must wear.

My hats are fewer in number these days, but in that season of life as a young mom, I would have had to add more arms to the hat tree to hang all of the hats that the typical young mom wears – chauffeur, entrepreneur, minister, mother, wife, teacher, chef, home manager, lifeguard, artist, coach, musician, peacekeeper . . . the list goes on. I didn’t give much thought to juggling all of those roles, I just did what needed to be done, and kept pressing on.

Finding balance was always the challenge de jour. First things first became my mantra — prioritizing the long todo list was paramount to bringing order to an otherwise seemingly unconquerable mountain of chores, errands, mothering, laundry, homeschool, meals, and ministry. There definitely were not enough hours in the day to do everything that needed to be done. But identifying and prioritizing tasks helped me conquer the most important deeds of the day.

Though the hats are fewer, I still have not conquered “Mount Washmore” (true confession: I can not fold a fitted sheet), nor completely mastered the art of juggling the tasks in this season, but I enjoy fanning the flames of that burning desire to continue being a lifelong learner, to conquer the unconquerable, to travel the world, to garden and enjoy God’s creation, to delight in my daughter and her upcoming wedding, to love my husband more deeply and to celebrate life, never taking it for granted.

What are YOU juggling today?

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