This year I travelled to Viet Nam, had breakfast with a king, transported myself through time and space, and conquered my life-long dream of reaching the summit of Mount Everest — all without leaving

library-489740_640my favorite reading spot. While I really do love traveling and adventures with my family, I really enjoy traveling vicariously through the penned words of others who have documented journeys I can enjoy without ever leaving home.

Have you ever seen or heard about a book, and while fully intended to read it, you didn’t? It happens to me. All the time. So last year, I started writing down book titles when I heard about a great story, a recommended biography, a mystery, a thriller or a fantastic piece of sci-fi. Writing the titles in a categorized list gives me easily accessed options when I’m in a bookstore, at the library or searching for just the right title online.

For me, reading or listening to a book is a lifeline as I strive to be a life-long learner, forging my way into untouched arenas of knowledge — ever-expanding and refining my thoughts on this world and my place in it. Listening to a book as I commute, while preparing a meal or conquering Mount Washmore (washing, drying, folding and repeat), makes the time fly by, and interestingly enough, I find myself actually staying more focused on the tasks at hand if I’m captivated by cliff-hangers brought into the room by audio books.

Reading physical copies of books forces me to slow down, rest and take intentional steps to sit and focus on nothing else but pondering the pages — tales of days gone by, adventures in the future or the stories of those who’ve lived fascinating lives brimming with accomplishments begging to be remembered. Although I haven’t done this in a while, my favorite place to sit and read a book is beachside with a cold beverage and the sound of surf pounding the sand.

And so, I’m making a list. And I will be more intentional about carving out time for reading through a broad range of genres. My current categories include Health & Wellness, Spiritual, Business, Educational Theory, Classics, History, Poetry, Biography and Reading for Pleasure, but I do add to those categories from time to time.

What’s on YOUR gotta read this list? Do you have any suggestions for mine?

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