mikrofon on air

Testing, testing! Is this thing working? Like speaking into a microphone for the first time checking audio levels, lately I find myself testing my voice in writing. Is it true? Is it genuine? Is it pretentious, offensive, warm and inviting, cold and stilted? Will it stand out in a crowd?

And I’ve decided, like my mentors have been telling me for longer than I’d like to admit, that it really doesn’t matter. Getting it done does.

Just get it done. Just ship it. Just write. The voice will come.

And so, I find myself doing just that — moving beyond my insecurities, my apprehensions, my self-doubt, my inability to be decisive about direction in writing. Beyond voice, the topics I want to share are broader than most would advise addressing in one blog.

Yet in spite of finding myself practically paralyzed by indecision, I am launching, taking action, while knowing the very act of doing so will define the direction I’ve been seeking.

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