In the previous post, I mentioned I would be doing a quarterly checkup evaluating how I am progressing as I work through the “To Do” lists created for each goal set in January.  Also important, I will be checking the deadlines.

Am I on target? Am I ahead of schedule? Do I need to pick up the pace?

Two major goals my husband and I have in common are to lose weight and get fit. Yes, that has been a goal in the past, but this year is different. We knew we needed some help. We found a nutritionist and met for an evaluation.

It was sobering. The numbers don’t lie.

When I realized how much I would need to lose, at first it seemed impossible – an entire year of a stringent eating plan and a fitness plan to boot? Drink a gallon of water daily? Yikes. Now that was a commitment.

While my pride keeps me from divulging my current weight, I’ll just whisper that my goal is to lose 90 (yes, that’s a lot!) pounds by Christmas this year.

At first it did not seem possible. Yet it is.

It only seemed insurmountable when I thought about the total number of pounds I needed to lose. But with my eating plan (5-6 small meals daily) in place, and with smaller weekly goals, I knew I could achieve the desired results.

Shifting my focus from the big picture to the smaller weekly goals changed everything.

At that point the [im]possible seemed not only possible, but probable. We built in accountability meeting our nutritionist weekly. She weighs us in, checks our food diaries and answers any questions about the week.

We learned how to count exchanges – meats, dairy, starches, veggies, fruits & fats. Every portion of every meal and snack is either measured or weighed. I confess, after the first two weeks of the program, I was weary. By the time I prepared a meal or snack, it seemed as if it was time to begin the next meal or snack. I hardly left the kitchen during that time.

Falling into the rhythm of the program, cooking ahead and pre-measuring portions is now just routine. Meal prep takes less time and effort than ever before. I’ve not been 100% faithful to the program while traveling and having guests in town.

But I’ve learned to adjust my plans afterwards and have pushed beyond the destructive throw the baby out with the bathwater attitude – that place where I would believe the lie convincing myself I was too far off track to even get back on course.

If I miss the mark on one day, I adjust for it the next.

It’s working.

And so far, I am on track, averaging weight loss of two to three pounds per week. It feels good to see the progress being made, and slowly but surely, I will meet the goal at or before the appointed time.

This isn’t only about weight loss. Every goal now has smaller, measurable steps.

Have you evaluated your own progress for goals set at the first of the year?

Are you on track? If not, what’s holding you back?

It’s never too late to:

  • Pick yourself up
  • Dive back in
  • Evaluate and correct the course
  • Make adjustments in your goal
  • Reset your due date

(is this starting to sound like a country song?)

Just make the steps you are taking smaller OR pick up the pace!

The biggest, loudest condemnation most people face is not usually the voice of others when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Do not listen to the resistance – that inner voice whispering or perhaps screaming that you just won’t make it. What seems [im]possible right now is achievable if you break the gigantic task into small enough steps. How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time.

Start by removing the [im] from impossible. Then decide what small steps need to be taken to make the seemingly [im]possible a reality. Be intentional about making changes and following through with the goals and plans you have made. You will accomplish more than you ever have before.

Be encouraged! You can do this!

Have you done your own Q1 Checkup? What obstacles do you face?

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